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July 07, 2018 /  Category: Electromechanical components, Beck Handel

Heat Sinks for Effective Thermal Management



The ASSMANN WSW Group meets with its heat sink products the highest demands in the cooling technology market.

Development and production of new profiles is the top priority for the ASSMANN WSW Group.

ASSMANN WSW components offers a broad range of heatsinks in different lengths as standard products (punched and pressed profiles) and a wide range of accessories for further processing.

Beside the wide range of standard heatsinks ASSMANN WSW components offers an expertise in the production of customer tailored heatsink solutions.

Heat sinks:

  • Finger-shaped heat sink
  • Extruded heat sink with solder pins
  • Extruded heat sink in standard length
  • SMD und copper heat sink
  • Attachable heat sink
  • CPU heat sink
  • Profile heat sink
  • Customized profiles (tool supported)


  • Mounting accessories
  • Holding clamps
  • Spacers


  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Telekom
  • Consumer